NiteCore i2 Vape Battery Charger

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The Nitecore i2 Intellicharger by NiteCore is an automatic universal smart-charger

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NiteCore i2 Vape Battery Charger

The Nitecore i2 Vape Battery Charger is an automatic universal smart-charger, compatible with almost all rechargeable batteries, including IMR/Li-ion, Ni-MH, and Ni-Cd batteries. The new i2 Intellicharger has three charge modes: Constant Charge Current (CC), Constant Charge Voltage (CV) and Trickle Charge.

The i2 can charge two batteries simultaneously at 100% charging acceleration, whilst monitoring and charging the batteries independently to select the optimal charging mode for each battery. The integrated LCD panel displays charging progress, voltage and current.

The Nitecore i2 is constructed from ABS flame-retardant and resistant material and has an automatic power-off function for over-charge protection. The i2 includes other safety features such as reverse polarity protection.

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Important Battery / Charging Safety

Please read the following safety advice before using ANY rechargable battery.

1. DO NOT use Iphone, Ipad, Smart Phone, Tablet Plugs, Third party adapters or wall fitted USB points. Check the plug adaptor / USB Cable output and check the supported charging range of your vape hardware. If the plug adaptor output, usually in AMPS, is not supported by the Vape Hardware then do not use it.

2. DO NOT leave ANY rechargable battery on charge overnight or unattended. Also never charge in direct sunlight or any hot environment.

3. DO NOT store external vape batteries (18650’s etc) in pockets. Avoid keys, coins & mobile phones. If your battery wrap is ripped, dented or other DO NOT USE.

Weight 290 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

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