Aspire 3 Pin USB Wall Plug


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Aspire 3 Pin USB Wall Plug

These wall plugs are ideal for those of you who wish to charge their vape devices faster than other methods such as via a USB cable into a laptop or PC. Simply plug in your USB cable that comes with your device into the plug for a quicker charge.

The Aspire wall plug will charge all devices provided that they have a USB Charging port and feature the correct voltage specified.

The Aspire 3 Pin USB Wall Plug A/C Adaptor is a 5V 1 Amp USB adaptor.

Important Battery / Charging Safety

Please read the following safety advice before using ANY rechargable battery.

1. DO NOT use Iphone, Ipad, Smart Phone, Tablet Plugs, Third party adapters or wall fitted USB points. Check the plug adaptor / USB Cable output and check the supported charging range of your vape hardware. If the plug adaptor output, usually in AMPS, is not supported by the Vape Hardware then do not use it.

2. DO NOT leave ANY rechargable battery on charge overnight or unattended. Also never charge in direct sunlight or any hot environment.

3. DO NOT store external vape batteries (18650’s etc) in pockets. Avoid keys, coins & mobile phones. If your battery wrap is ripped, dented or other DO NOT USE.

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USB Leads
Spare Micro USB Leads
Weight 40 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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