All About Eliquid Mixing

All About Eliquid Mixing

All About Eliquid Mixing – The Guide

For those of you that need to know All About Eliquid Mixing, we have produced the following guide to asssit you with your first Mix!

This guide is produced based upon the use of the mixing calculator found on our website, although other mixing calculators such as “Make My Vape Calculator” can be used. “E-Juice Me Up” is also available free of charge online, but Make My Vape is better if your adding more than 1 flavour to your mix.

Please remember that once mixed, most e-liquid will need to steep (rest and fuse together) for around 7 days before use. It is recommend that you keep your e-liquid  in a dark warm place like an airing cupboard., removing the lid on a daily basis and gently swish the mix around before returning lid. there are lots of ways to steep an eliquids which can be found online. As a general rule, for minty, menthol and fruity e-liquid which you have made, they can be used straight away and for tobacco and dessert flavours, these will need steeping. Even flavours above which can be vaped straight away, everything tastes better after steeping.

Why Mix your own Eliquid?

There are several reasons why our customers mix their own eliquid. For some, it comes down to cost. Making your own eliquid is a fraction of the price of buying off the shelf eliquid. For others, it is the taste. You can add your own flavour concentrates and with tweaking your own recipies, can create great flavours which you can’t buy from a vapeshop.

What are the main ingredients of Eliquid?

1. Nicotine Base in Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin (PG Nicotine Shot or VG Nicotine Shot)

Nicotine Shots add the Nicotine into the eliquid you are making. prior to the Tobacco Regulations, most vapers who made their own DIY Eliquid would use 72mg Nicotine and dillute this down. These days you can only legally buy a maximum of 20mg nicotine but most people use the standard 18mg Nicotine Shots sold online and in shops. So, for the purpose of this guide we will use 18mg or (18%) Nicotine Shots.

2.   Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin (PG and VG)

 We  add Propylene Glycol (PG) into the mix to give our eliquid throat hit and we add Vegetable Glycerine (VG) into the eliquid to produce the vapour or smke.

The more PG in the mix will make the liquid thinner, and will produce more throat hit and less vapour. The more VG in the base mix will make the liquid thicker, throat hit will be less and the vapour produced will be much greater.

3.  Flavour Concentrates

 So, now for the flavouring. There are several main companies that produce flavour concentrates which are suitable for vaping. We recommend only using comapnies that have the Flavour carried in propylene Glycol. So look out for the ingredients, ie Artifical or Natural Flavouring, Propylene Glycol).  You should only use vape safe concentrates. Do not use UK Supermarket cake concentrates as these are not suitable. We recommend that you always buy from a vaping shop or online vaping store or direct from major Vape Companies, for example Zeus Juice, The Flavour Pantry, Vampire Vape are just a few.

What else do I need to mix?

In order to mix successfully, you will also need to measure the above eliquids accurately. For this we use Syringes. a handfull of 1ml, 5ml and 10ml Syringes should be all you need. Once used, they can be washed or put in the dishwasher for future use. We also recommend either a Bryan’s Needle or an 18mg Blunt Drawing Needle to be able to cope with Vegetable Glycerine as they is very thick. You will also need Dropper Bottles to store you eliquid once mixed.

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Mixing Calculators

In order to establish the correct amount of liquids to mix up, you will need to use a decent mixing calculator. We have a basic one on our website for mixing single flavours and as previously stated, we use our rivals at “Make My vape Calculator” for more advance mixing as this one really cannot be beaten. For the purpose of this guide, we will use our own Mixing Calculator at

Mixing calculator
The Black Table indicates the values we input
The White Box (Bottom) is the calculation

How to Use The Calculator

These above screen prints are from our online calculator found on our website. In the above examples  we have calculated the e-liquid  we are making using a final nicotine (vaping) strength of 3mg (Left Chart) and 6mg (Right chart). For alternative strengths, simply change the value you are putting in on the calculator.

Please see value guide on the following . In this guide, we will use the left hand screen print as our example to make a 3mg Strength Eliquid. If you want to vape at 6mg, change the values to the right hand chart.

Entering Your Values

  1. Base Nicotine

This is the strength of the nicotine you have brought from your shop/online. For this example we will use the 18mg (18%) Nic Shots, so we will enter the figure 18 (18mg).

2. Final Nicotine Strength

 This is the level you vape at. Typically, 3mg, 6mg. In this example on the left, we wish to vape at 3mg, so that is the value we have entered, 3 (3mg)

3.   Flavouring

This is how much flavour strength you wish to put into your e-liquid. Flavour strengths differ from brand to brand so it is always worth checking online or asking your supplier to give you a guide. Generally, the flavour strength can be between 10% to 20%, so, in this example we will use 20%. so we know it will be a very strong flavour.

4.  Final Quantity

This is simply how much e-liquid you wish to make. It can be 10ml, 30ml 50ml etc. In the example  we want to make 30ml of e-liquid so we have added 30 into this value. (30mls). We suggest that you make small amounts until you have perfected your flavour.

5.  Other Dilutants & 6. Drops per ml

As this is basic mixing, we do not need to worry about these values. These are used for more complex mixing such as adding distilled water to your vegetable glycerin to thin the liquid. We will therefore simply enter (0%)

6.  Drops per ml

 This is normally not applicable as most users use ml measures as we have done above. So, we will again enter (0%)


Your Results

mixing results
The Results Box

Based upon the above values we entered, the Results are shown on the bottom of our example calculator. the mixing calculator will give the exact measurements that you will need to put into your bottle. In this example, we have entered that we were making a 30ml bottle. In your 30ml Bottle, you should put the following measurements to finish your 3mg e-liquid –

Nicotine – 5ml

PG or VG (or both) – 19ml (if you want throat hit and vapour at an equil balance, you can have 9.5ml of each)

Flavouring – 6ml

Congratulations, you have now made your first DIY Eliquid Mix!

All of the above supplies can be found at

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