Simple Eliquid Mixing Calculator

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This Simple Eliquid Mixing calculator is best read with our guide “All About Eliquid Mixing” as this goes into greater details of how to use each input value. However, a brief description follows on this page to helkp you work through the calculations.

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Item mls Drops %
Nicotine Base
PG or VG


BASE NICOTINE LIQUID – Enter the strength of the Nicotine Shot you have purchased. Typically, This will be 15mg or more commonly 18mg

FINAL NICOTINE STRENGTH – Enter the strength of the Nicotine you wish to vape at. Typically, This will be 3mg or 6mg

FLAVOURING – This is the recommended percentage of flavouring you wish to add. Typically, This will be 15% to 20%

FINAL QUANTITY – Enter how much e liquid you are making, eg: 10ml or 30ml Bottle

OTHER DILUTANTS – Only use this if you are dilutting the VG Down with say 10% Distilled Water. Generally, set this to “”0”.

DROPS PER ML – Do not use this unless you measure in drops rather than ml. This is for advanced mixers. Generally, this should therefore be set to “0”.


After pressing the Submit Button, the e juice Mixing calculator will then work out for you how much of each liquid to put into your bottle.

NICOTINE BASE – This is the amount of Nicotine displayed in ml to go into your bottle.

PG or VG – This is the amount of PG or VG (or Both) to go into your bottle, subject to preference. I enjoy a 50/50% Mix so in my case if the total PG/VG displayed was 20ml, i would put 10ml of PG and 10ml of VG into my bottle.

FLAVOURING – This is the amount of your flavour concentrate you should put into your eliquid bottle.

Dilutants – Unless you are thinning your VG with distilled water. This should be Zero.



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