WS23 Cooling Agent For Vape Liquid


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WS23 Cooling Agent For Vape Liquid

For those of you that use a Menthol flavoured eliquid because you like the cool hit at the back of the throat, then WS23 Cooling Agent For Vape Liquid is just what your looking for.

WS23 is a cold cooling agent which is added to your eliquid bottle or tank, without the menthol taste. This can be added to all juice flavours and is especially great with fruit flavours.

This is what is used when you see an eliquid with the name “Ice” next to it, blueberry ice, Cherry ice etc

If you add the correct amount, this will transform your flavour. If you add too much, it can ruin it! We suggest that 1 single drop is added to every 10ml of eliquid.  Try this as a starting point and add more if necessary.

Sold in 10ml and 30ml Bottles. This is WS23 diluted @ 10% in Propylene Glycol so is stronger that many sold online.

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10ml, 30ml


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