Smok LP1 Novo 4 Coils


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Smok LP1 Novo 4 Coils

The Smok LP1 Novo 4 Coils have been designed as replacement coils for the Smok Novo 4 pod kit. Ideally, these are used for a wide range of 50/50 and high PG e-liquid and they will support any flavour.

For a more discreet vape and less vapour production you can recommend the 1.2 Ohm Meshed coil. For more vapour production, try out 0.8 Ohm DC Coil

  • Sold as Single Coil

There are inserted into the Novo 4 Replacement Pods and only compatible with the Novo 4 Kits

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Smok Novo 4 Pod Kit
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0.8 Ohms, 1.2 Ohms


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