Outlawed by Forbidden 50ml


Outlawed by Forbidden 50ml

Outlawed by Forbidden 50ml started off as something completely different. With a mix of grape, strawberry and mixed berries we thought this would be a nice fruit medley. However, we overdosed it with the strawberry and it turned into a popular flavour similar to Strawberry Chewits!

As this is a shortfill eliquid (just has flavour and enough room for you to add Nicotine) you will need to add the following to make this into an eliquid:-

This flavour comes in a 60ml Bottle and contains 50ml of liquid. This is ready to vape as an 0mg Eliquid or for 3mg Nicotine users, simply add a 10ml Nic shot (Provided in price) to make 60ml of Eliquid.

70% VG / 30% Mix, 60ml Bottle.

shortfill eliquid

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Outlawed by Forbidden 100ml
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Outlawed by Forbidden 100ml
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