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Cotton Cany by The Flavor Apprentice

Cotton Candy by The Flavor Apprentice is a mix on 10% Ethyl Maltol in a Propylene Glycol solution.

Mixers would normally use this as a mild sweetener in recipes as an alternative to sucralose which can be a strain on coils. It is not a strong flavour, since ethyl maltol won’t dissolve in PG at high concentrations.

If you have a strong harsh flavour, this can be used to tone the flavour down by sweetening it. Alternatively, the Super Sweetener by TFA can be used as a stronger sweetener.

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Ethyl Maltol

Cotton Candy by The Flavor Apprentice comes in a 10ml PET Bottle. We recommend as a sweeten it is mixed at about 3-4%

For a quick mix and for 200ml of Eliquid (in a 250ml Bottle), why not use our Eliquid Just Add Mixing Bottle found HERE

To use this Flavour you will need to add Nicotine, Propylene Glycole and Glycerine.

To find out more about The Flavor Apprentice Flavours visit their Official Site HERE


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